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One of the biggest concerns I hear from those who are considering cloth diapering is "It is so much work!" Truly, it is not much work.

BB Butts Diapers are as convenient to use as disposables. Fitted with touch tape for closure, any dad, grandparent or caregiver can easily use a BB Butts Diaper. Medium and Large diapers can also be fitted with snaps to provide further versatility and keep quick change artists in their diapers!

As a new parent, you are doing several loads of laundry no doubt. What is one extra load every two to three days? There are two different methods to store soiled diapers, dry pail and wet pail. Honestly I have only ever used a wet pail and have had great success so have never experimented further. I will describe my laundry routine but please note this will be a starting point for you. Different water qualities affect laundering of your dipes. Never use fabric softeners or dryer sheets on your diapers as this will obstruct the absorbancy of them. Diapers do tend to become MORE absorbant after several washings.

My routine...

    • I use a regular kitchen pail for my diaper pail. I put 1/4 cup of super washing soda (dissolve it in HOT water) in a half pail of cold water.
    • Put the diapers (laundry tabs folded in) directly into your pail. Breast fed babies who have loose bowel movements are not a concern, put the whole mess into the pail. If your baby is older and eating and having more solid waste you can flick the mess into the toilet then toss the diper into your pail.
    • When ready to launder, I dump the complete contents of the pail into the washer and spin the water out then do a COLD prewash cycle.
    • I then do a HOT wash COLD DOUBLE rinse cycle withBB Butts Diapers Laundry Detergent. If using a store bought brand use half the reccommended amount of something like liquid Ivory Snow or a FREE detergent. DO NOT use fabric softeners.
    • Dry outside, or in dryer on HOT. To decrease the amount of time in your dryer, ensure laundry tabs are folded, give your diapers a good shake to unbunch elastic and set your dry to an auto sensor cycle, usually just past the normal dry setting. DO NOT use dryer sheets. BB Butts Diapers now also has dryer balls to decrease drying time and soften fabrics naturally.
Some mamas use a dry diaper pail to store their dirty diapers. You can purchase diaper pail liners or even very large wetbags to line your diaper pail.
Diapers in a wet pail don't tend to stain quite as often as diapers in a dry pail as they are soaked in cold water which aids in the stain removal process. Some mamas don't use a pail at all and choose to use a tote or wetbag. These are obviously a dry method of storage.
BB Butts Wet Bags suit the needs of both wet and dry pail methods.
Stains do from time to time result. The best way to get rid of stains is by sunning them. This means, laying or hanging your stained diaper in the sun while wet and allowing it to dry in the sun. This has worked every time for me, and I also use this method on stained clothing. I have read that really difficult stains that do not sun out usually come out with a lemon juice treatment, that is sprinkle some lemon juice on the wet stained area and once again allow it to dry in the sun.
What if you get a case of the stinkies? Usually the problem originates from too much detergent. Diapers will need to be "stripped" of the detergent in order to remove smell. Newly developed absorbancy problems will also be solved by stripping.
Stripping essentially entails removal of build up. Before stripping diapers you need to determine what the build-up is caused from. Turn your water heater up to hot, hot about 30 minutes before stripping diapers.
Detergent Build-up

Identify: Detergent build-up is generally noticed because diapers smell really good coming out of the dryer and then the diapers smell really foul as soon as the child pees. Now in the morning when the pee has been in the diaper for awhile it will have a slight odor. When the morning diaper becomes extremely offensive consider stripping your diapers.

Correct: Fill washing machine with super hot water. (Add a pot of boiling water if needed) Add diapers to the Hot water solution. Complete normal washing cycle, using a hot wash, warm rinse with NO detergent. Check final rinse to make sure it is free from suds. Continue rinsing until bubbles no longer form or are visible in the final rinse cycle.

Fabric Softener

Identify: This is generally easy. Mother-in-law helped with washing diapers and you find a dryer sheet amongst your clean diapers. Yikes! Also, this can be a problem if you generally use dryer sheets with your other laundry.

Correct: To strip diapers that have been exposed to fabric softener turn up water heater 30 minutes prior. Fill kitchen sink with hot water. Add Tablespoon Regular Dawn (blue) dish detergent. Stir with wooden spoon. Add diapers. Let sit until water has cooled and you are able to immerse your hands into the water. Drain sink and wash diapers in the washing machine on a hot wash cycle adding about a 1/2 teaspoon of Dawn if desired. Extra rinses may be needed. Rinse until no bubbles are present in the final rinse and water is not filmy.

Wipes Solution Recipes

Everyone has a favorite wipes solution it plain water or a complex mix.

BB Butts Diapers offers Wipes Bits to moisten wipes. The bits have been developed with cleansing and calming healing agents in mind and are hand made in small batches

Note; keep essential oil use to a minimum as it can affect the absorbancy of your dipers!

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